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Your challenge

Design and development of safe medical devices, ensuring compliance with European and International Regulations, optimization of production processes to meet growing needs, designing products that perform better and are easier to use both by patients and health care workers. These are just some of the major challenges faced every day by companies in the biomedical industry.
It is therefore necessary to be supported by a technologically reliable partner that helps companies reduce time to market and supports them in studying performance, validating new devices, and using new materials.

    Our solution

    Due to the transversality of the services offered and the accreditations obtained, TEC Eurolab is the ideal partner for supporting companies operating in the biomedical sector: from raw material producers, to companies that process plastics or metal alloy by traditional or additive technology, to manufacturers of electromedical equipment.

    TEC Eurolab’s activities insert in support of all production stages:

    • concept, born in the R&D departments
    • industrialization
    • production

    structuring together with the client a test plan which is appropriate to the validation needs of the medical device or material used in accordance with the main European normative regulations in force.

    Relying on an independent testing laboratory enables you to identify and prevent defects and errors early in product design and development, maximize product safety and reliability, and limit the costs associated with non-quality.

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    TEC Eurolab is the ideal partner to support companies operating in the biomedical industry; we perform all types of destructive and non-destructive testing according to the regulations required by the industry.


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