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On June 4, 2020, TEC Eurolab celebrated its first 30 years of operation. A great result achieved thanks to the enthusiasm and determination of the founding partners Paolo Moscatti, Alberto Montagnani, Loretta Gozzi, Anna Grassi and all the collaborators who have contributed to the company’s growth over time.

It is not a milestone but simply a point of passage, we deliver to history what was done until yesterday, while we live today projected into tomorrow. For us it’s just that. For the market, for our customers and stakeholders, I hope it can mean solidity, sustainability over time and, thus, nurture confidence in our brand, our way of being and serving.”

Paolo Moscatti, President of TEC Eurolab

More than 30 years of history


The 1990s


On June 4th, 1990, Eurolab snc was founded by Alberto Montagnani and Paolo Moscatti. A materials destructive and non-destructive testing laboratory with the goal of ensuring the highest levels of quality for the customer through investment in state-of-the-art instrumentation, ongoing staff training, and achievement of accreditations. The first non-destructive tests are performed using surface methods: visual inspection, liquid penetrant, magnetic particles.

The 2000s


In 2002, the office on Viale Europa was opened. From the initial 330 sq. m. on Via della Resistenza, the space increased to 1,100 sq. m., with a subsequent expansion to 2,100 sq. m. in 2006. In 2005, the company name became TEC Eurolab srl and the trademark was registered at the European level. Alenia Aeronautica recognition is obtained and the first tests on fasteners for aeronautical use begin. Accreditation as a Certification Body is obtained. More emphasis is placed on non-destructive testing, integrating radiography and ultrasound.



With the global economic and financial crisis of 2008, 2009 sales dropped 32% from the previous year. Thanks to shrewd management, the budget still breaks even. NADCAP accreditation is obtained in 2010. 2011 is a year of definite recovery, the company returns to growth in terms of
structure, skills, accreditations, turnover and margin.



The development strategy changes The technical manager and the administration and control manager join the BoD. The tomographic center, among the first in Italy, is inaugurated with the commissioning of the 240kv X5000 tomograph. In 2015, the property on Via Grieco was purchased, where the new tomography department moved in the following year, with the installation of the new 450-kV tomograph, the most powerful available in Italy at that time.



With the relocation of the non-destructive testing, tomography, dimensional, inspection, certification body and training departments to Via Grieco, the space on Viale Europa is being redefined, expanding the chemical, metallurgical, mechanical testing and workshop departments. New investments are made in
mechanical, chemical and climatic chamber tests. Investment is made in Cyber Security. A LINAC tomograph with power of 6 MeV, designed jointly with the manufacturer, is purchased in 2019. TEC Eurolab is the first private laboratory in Europe to have such technology. Investment is made in digitizing processes, adopting the new Sage X3 management system



In February 2020, the pandemic from COVID-19 spreads. Business activities are severely affected resulting in the collapse of turnover. During the same period, following the occurrence of two major aircraft accidents, a major aircraft manufacturer sees its sales frozen resulting in a halt to plans to develop a new powerplant. The consequences were not slow to be felt even at TEC Eurolab where non-destructive testing and material analysis of some engine components were being performed. Due to these concomitant events, by the end of the year, sales will mark a 30% drop. The company initiated an immediate, judicious but drastic policy of cutting current spending. There has, however, been no relinquishment of investment in technology, skills and security. In fact, work is also beginning on the redevelopment of the laboratory in Via della Resistenza, the first historic location in Campogalliano, which is set to house the Functional Testing Center in 2021. For greater protection of proper business management, the 231 Organizational Model is adopted. During 2021, although the economic environment is still affected by the pandemic effects, there is a significant recovery, A record number of customers served is recorded. Revenues, net of the contribution from the largest aviation customer, which has not yet resolved problems resulting from the shutdown, grew 24 percent over 2020 and 9 percent over 2019, the last year before the nefarious pandemic outbreak.



The outbreak of war in Ukraine and inflation do not leave the economic environment quiet; nonetheless, TEC Eurolab is investing in the field of Artificial Intelligence applications, acquiring 30 percent of BlueTensor, a company from Trentino which implements AI solutions to support conformity assessment processes for materials and components. The company suffers from the sharp increase in energy and consumables costs, but thanks to a consolidation of business processes and careful management control it still closes positively and with a slight increase in sales.

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