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We perform analysis on coatings and paintings in highly specialized laboratories

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The surface state of a component is critical to its interaction with other components and/or the external environment. Check and prevent post-production defects that might occur on the surface is unavoidable.

TEC Eurolab allows you to check the characteristics of coatings and painting for chemical composition, mechanical strength characteristics, protective properties with respect to corrosion, resistance to solar-induced stresses, and resistance to contact with chemicals. Various tests and analyses are carried out at our laboratories with the aim of evaluating the behavior of certain types of samples when subjected to certain climatic conditions, temperatures or stresses.


Paint viscosity: efflux hoods ISO Method 2431

Engraving, observation and measurement

Color variations

Adhesion carryover


Fluid resistance

Pencil hardness

Mass coating

Impact test carries

Resistance to scoring

Non-destructive carryover thickness

Carryover thickness by micrographic method ISO 1463

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Are there tests on paints to determine their durability and quality?

Paint testing allows the performance of paints to be characterized in terms of both physical characteristics and corrosion resistance. Durability and quality can be evaluated by comparison with known performance of other paint systems or with precise specification requirements.

Is it possible to simulate resistance to thermal stress?

Thermal stresses can be simulated by means of climate chambers that allow well-defined profiles of temperature change to be reproduced.


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