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How we can support you in the composite materials characterization process

At TEC Eurolab, we take pride in being a leading material testing laboratory with extensive expertise in composite materials characterization. If you are looking to unlock the full potential of your composite materials and achieve unparalleled performance, you’ve come to the right place.

TEC Eurolab’s activities are inserted in support of all production phases: from the concept that is born in the R&D departments, to the industrialization phase and the subsequent putting into production, structuring together with the customer a plan of validation tests of the entire production process.

What tests determine the best performance of a composite material designed and manufactured precisely for a specific application?

As of today, what are the manufacturing technologies that contribute to the creation of increasingly high-performance components?

Our Comprehensive Composite Materials Characterization Services:

Mechanical Properties
We assess the mechanical strength, stiffness, and fatigue resistance of your composite materials to determine their structural integrity and suitability for various applications.

Thermal Analysis
Understanding how your composites respond to temperature changes is crucial for their performance and safety. Our thermal analysis ensures your materials can withstand the intended operating conditions.

Chemical Resistance
Composite materials may encounter diverse environments, and their chemical resistance is paramount. We evaluate their ability to withstand chemical exposures without compromising their properties.

Dimensional Stability
We examine the dimensional changes in your composite materials under different conditions, ensuring they retain their shape and size over time.

Non-Destructive Testing (NDT)
Our NDT techniques enable us to assess the internal quality and integrity of your composite materials without causing damage, providing valuable insights for quality control and risk assessment.

Surface Analysis
Understanding the surface properties of your composites is essential for bonding, adhesion, and coating applications. Our surface analysis techniques reveal crucial information for surface treatments and modifications.


Tomographic analysis – Internal and superficial defect analysis, Dimensional analysis and CAD comparison, Fiber orientation evaluation, Lay up analysis and Damage depth analysis after impact

Radiographic Inspection (RT, CR, DR)

Phased Array Ultrasound

Dimensional inspections with three-dimensional coordinate machine (CMM), optical VMM, and laser probing anthropomorphic arms


Servohydraulic system for dynamic testing of large components (up to 60Hz and 500kN)

Electromechanical systems static load up to 13kN and dynamic load up to 15kN, Vmax 480m/s, equipped with climatic cell -35°C to +180°C

Multi-axial dynamic and static test bench with pneumatic actuators (applicable loads from 500N to 18 kN)

Pressure benches with air, fluids and inert gases to perform burst tests, pulsating pressures, leak tests (Std. MIL – ISO – DIN – SAE)


Static extended thermal conditioning or dynamic thermal cycling (-75 °C to + 180 °C and humidity control from 10 %UR to 94 %UR)

Thermal shock (-80 °C to + 220 °C in t <10s)

Humidistatic chamber (up to 55 °C 100%HR with condensing humidity)

UV Condensers and Xenon Lamps

Neutral, acetic and cupro acetic salt spary

Resistance to fluid contact

Coating adhesion resistance

Pencil hardness

Gloss values and colorimetric parameters

Measurement of coating thickness by non-destructive methods

Micrographic observations


FTIR Infrared Spectroscopy – ASTM E1252

Differential Scanning Thermal Analysis (DSC) – ISO 11357-1, ASTM D3418

Thermogravimetric Analysis (TGA) – ASTM E1131, ISO 11358-1

Inorganic Charge Determination – ASTM D5630

Density Hydrostatic Scale – ASTM D792, ISO 1183-1

Barcol Hardness – ASTM D2583

Gel Time – ASTM D3532

Resin Flow – ASTM D3531, EN 2332

Resin-Fiber Content – ASTM D3529, ASTM D3171, ISO 1172

Fiber Areal Weight – ASTM D3776, EN2329


Content – ASTM D3530, EN2330

Insoluble Content

Void Content – ASTM D2734

Hplc Liquid Chromatography – EN 6040

Thermal Diffusivity and Conductivity with LFA from RT to + 1000°C – ASTM E1461

Specific Heat (Cp) – ISO 11357-4, ASTM E1269

Coefficient Of Thermal Expansion

Linear (CTE) -150°C to + 1000°C – ASTM E228

Moisture content by Karl Fischer titration + furnace


Tensile Testing – ASTM D3039, ASTM D638, ISO 527

Compression Testing – ASTM D3410, ASTM D6641, ASTM D695, D695 Mod., SACMASRM-1

In-Plane Shear Test – ASTM D3518, ISO 14129, EN 6031 (± 45° tension shear)

3/4 Points Flexure Test – ASTM D790, ASTM D7264, ISO 178, ISO 14125

Compression Testing After Impact – CAI, RT ASTM D7137, SRM 2R, ISO 18352

Fracture Test Mode 1/ Double Cantilever Beam – ASTM D7137, SRM 2R, ISO 18352

Mixed Mode 1-2 Fracture Test /Interlaminar Fracture – ASTM D6671

Bearing Test – ASTM D5961

RT Open Hole Tensile Test – ASTM D5766, EN6035

Open Hole Compression Test – ASTM D6484, EN 6036

Sandwich: Flatwise Tension RT – ASTM C297, AMS-STD-401

Sandwich: Flatwise/Edgwise Compression RT – ASTM C365, ASTM C364

Sandwich Panel Shear – ASTM C273

Sandwich Panel: Long Beam Flexure – ASTM D7249, ASTM D7250

Dynamic Mechanical Analysis (DMA) – ASTM D4065, ASTM D7028, ASTM D5023, ASTMD5024, ASTM D5026, DIN 53442, EN ISO 6721

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What tests determine the best performance of a composite material designed and manufactured precisely for a specific application? As of today, what are the manufacturing technologies that contribute to create increasingly high-performance components? The use of composite materials in modern design is going through a phase of increasing complexity.

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