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migration tests

In addition to classic cutting, milling and turning operations, the machine park is equipped with wire EDM technology, along with a custom machine developed in-house for low residual stress polishing for fatigue specimens.

With wire EDM, TEC Eurolab guarantees maximum effectiveness in all areas where detailed sectioning is required on low thicknesses and special alloys where control of dimensions and post-cutting deformations is essential for the product but also for tests to be performed in laboratories, providing high-precision results for the automotive, electrical components, and medical fields.


Adapter preparation

Preparation of specimens for streak test

Tube preparation for longitudinal traction on welded joints – ISO Method 5178

Tube preparation for transverse traction on welded joints – ISO Method 4136, ASME IX

Preparation for crease test

Tube preparation for tensile test

Tube preparation for special alloys traction

Tube preparation for traction

Preparation of single tube for resilience test

Preparation of three tubes for resilience test

Preparation of three tubes for special alloy resilience test

Preparation of polymeric materials tube

Preliminary sectioning

alloys/special components preliminary sectioning

EDM processing

Jominy tube preparation

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What are the standard dimensions of a resilience specimen?

When the geometry of the part allows it, usually a standard specimen of 10 mm by 10 mm by 55 mm in length is made. When not enough material is available, usually standard specimens are smaller.

How does the notching stage of resilience specimens take place?

The stage of specimen notching is called broaching and is done using a tool called broach. The broach defines the geometry of the notch, which can be a V-shaped type with a notch 2 mm deep, or a U-shaped type with a notch 5 mm deep.


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