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In processes such as sintering or the production of components by additive technology (additive manufacturing), the control and analysis of the raw materialmetal powders – turns out to be crucial. Their compliance conditions all subsequent steps in these production processes, and post-sintering or printing checks are also important to certify the quality of the final artifact.

In the world of metal powders, the main tests that characterize powders are:

  • chemical characterization
  • granulometry
  • morphology
  • density
  • smoothness
  • thermal properties.

We carry out different types of tests on metal powders, both for what concerns the development stage and for production quality control.


Combined chemical-morphological analysis of dust (SEM)

Powder: Moisture content method EN 1097-5, ASTM D2216

Powder visual examination (4606M PAR. 7.5)

Apparent density – ASTM method B212 (hall), ASTM b417 (carney), ISO 3923

Tap density – ASTM Method D7481, ASTM B527

Flow rate – ASTM method B213, ASTM B964, ISO 4490

Laser Sizing-Granulometry – ASTM Method B822, ISO 13320

Sizing-granulometry with sieves – ASTM Method B214

Powder morphology- sem – ASTM method f1877, ASTM B243

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