We provide experimental tests with dedicated test set-ups

CHECK AND TEST your components from a fluid-dynamic, pneumatic, hydraulic, thermal and mechanical-dynamic point of view

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Experimental tests carried out in the Test Engineering department

At our laboratory we can carry out

  • Strain-gauge measurements
  • Signal acquisition in the laboratory and on the field
  • Design and implementation of experimental test setups
  • Drafting of custom test specifications

The Test Engineering department of TEC Eurolab is able to structure activities in the following fields

  • fluid dynamics
  • pneumatics
  • hydraulic
  • thermal
  • mechanical-dynamic

With our support, it is possible to define and carry out test specifications dedicated to the specific needs of each customer, based on the analysis of the requirements of the product to test, following the indications provided in the documentation.

At the same time, a dedicated Test Plan is formulated and agreed upon with the customer, which constitutes the framework of the operational test instruction that will be carried out.

At our laboratory we can also carry out

  • static and cyclic pneumatic, hydraulic and oil-hydraulic pressurisation tests
  • thermal, mechanical or combined fatigue tests, also using dedicated climatic chambers to set up test environments at temperatures other than room temperature

During the bench testing and component testing phases, it is possible to carry out acquisitions by means of strain gauges, accelerometers, position, temperature, pressure and flow sensors, in order to monitor in real-time the behaviour of the component under test.

TEC Eurolab technicians can support the customer in the initial mapping phases for the positioning of strain gauges and sensors, evaluating and suggesting the selection of the best type for the specific application, as well as suggesting the best test path, from the initial application and verification phases, up to the post-processing of the obtained data.


Sensors can be positioned on specific test set-ups directly at the customer’s premises, to carry out experimental checks in real time or to validate the outputs obtained through virtual simulations.

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