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The tests we perform to analyze oils and lubricants at TEC Eurolab

We perform all chemical and physical analyses to obtain indication of the nature of the fluid, its density and flash point, as well as assessing the resistance

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Lubricating oils (mineral or synthetic) are liquid mixtures used for lubrication, protection, friction reduction and cooling of metal surfaces belonging to mechanical organs in operation with each other.

It is important to analyze the chemical and physical properties of used lubricating oils to obtain information that determines the choice of the best ones, based on the type of use for which they are intended.

At our laboratories we perform chemical analysis to obtain an indication of the nature of the lubricating oil/fluid, physical property analysis to assess creep resistance under the influence of gravity, fluid density or flash point.


Wear elements in oil: icp plasma chemical analysis – ASTM Method D5185

Tan (total acid number) – ASTM Method D664

Tbn (total base number) – ASTM Method D2896

Pour Point – ASTM Method D97

Fluid Contamination – ISO Method 4406

Contamination: washing, filtration, grav. part. max

Density with aerometers – ASTM Method D1298

Index viscosity (v40-v100-calculation)

Kinematic viscosity at 100°C – ASTM Method D445

Kinematic viscosity at 40°C – ASTM Method D445

Oxidation-nitration-sulfuration analysis – ASTM Method E2412 (ftir)

Karl Fischerr Water Content – ASTM Method D6304

Chemical analysis with particle counting SEM-smart pi

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