Computed Industrial Tomography


Non-destructive testing with industrial tomography (CT SCAN)


TEC Eurolab’s industrial computed tomography centre supports companies in the acquisition and interpretation of X-ray scans to carry out any type of investigation with useful applications for

  • Defect analysis
  • Dimensional analysis
  • FAI (First Article Inspection)
  • Production checks (100% of the batch)

Industrial tomography, a proper 3D X-ray, has proved revolutionary both for finding defects in complex materials and assemblies, such as electric batteries and as a method of dimensional inspection and reverse engineering. At TEC Eurolab we have been a protagonist since 2013 with a range of instruments ranging from the 240 kV tomograph with a micrometric resolution, to the extreme power of the LINAC 6 MeV system, the first and only one in Italy, designed for the inspection of heavy alloys components with complex geometries, supported by an artificial intelligence software.


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Which tests can be done with industrial tomography and what results can be obtained?


Following the tomographic scan of a component and the reconstruction of the tomographic volume thus obtained, the defectological analysis allows to define the state of the component, without damaging it, in terms of:

  • Assessment of internal discontinuities in accordance with acceptability specifications and issuance of Accept / Reject judgment
  • Classification of discontinuities in terms of extension in the 3 dimensions, type and position with respect to the CAD of the component
  • Definition of the total volume occupied by the discontinuities in relation to the total volume of the component with the application of specific calculation modules “Porosity”.
  • Import of the mathematical models of the component and verification of the removability of the discontinuities detected during the machining phase for In-Process and Cost Saving controls


    It is possible to evaluate and verify

    • Deviations from CAD, both of internal features (not accessible with traditional controls) and external features
    • Wall thickness analysis for the detection of thicknesses, with easy identification of critical areas thanks to the application of chromatic scales
    • Reverse Engeenering: in the dimensional field CT finds many applications in recreating CAD (through STL extraction) starting from the physical component when the drawing is no longer available.

    This application is functional to all technologies, both classic, in the case of components whose drawings are only available in paper format, and innovative such as Additive Manufacturing, where there may be a need to manufacture a component produced with “standard” methodologies by means of 3D printing.


    The purpose of the first product validation is to give objective evidence that drawings, dimensions and all design specifications are verified and classified with the intent to bring out any non-conformities in order to avoid the presence of the same in the series production.  The tomographic control, thanks to both defectological and dimensional applications and to the possibility of detecting both internal characteristics (ducts, blind holes, internal circuits), allows a precise and reliable FAI characterization.

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      Tomographic inspection, falling into the NDT testing family, requires certified and qualified personnel.



        TEC Eurolab, within the Business Unit dedicated to Non Destructive Testing, has two specific areas, structured to meet the demands of the market and the most critical industrial sectors:

        Non Destructive Testing Area and Tomographic Centre.


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