Industrial Tomography and Artificial Intelligence: how do they contribute to quality control in Additive Manufacturing?

In the winter edition of the magazine ‘Futurities’, the CEO of BlueTensor, Jonni Malacarne, presents the case study resulting from the partnership with TEC Eurolab. This case proves that the benefits of the Artificial Intelligence application to the world of non-destructive testing and, in particular, to Industrial Computed Tomography, can bring improvement in terms of quality, reliability and efficiency.

TEC Eurolab has in fact developed an innovative and strategic project in synergy with BlueTensor by integrating an artificial intelligence algorithm for image analysis in the control process through tomographic scan. The defect tomographic analysis of a component is performed with the manual scrolling of thousands of images by a highly trained operator. Thanks to the algorithm developed by BlueTensor, this process has been automated increasing the reliability and reducing the time of analysis by 50%. The operator remains a fundamental figure both for the scanning set-up of the component and to validate the anomalies identified by the AI, contributing to its periodic re-training.

Through this project TEC Eurolab has a faster, reliable and objective service, which allows our customers to feel more and more confident in the quality of their production processes.