welding machines verification


what does the welding machine inspection service consist of?

The entry into force of the IEC 60974-14 standard specifies new requirements for the verification of arc welding and external monitoring equipment, including the verification of welding machines.

This monitoring is carried out by measuring certain essential characteristics, including the verification of electrical parameters, measured gas flow and wire feed rate.
The guidelines dictated by the standards regulating quality management systems in the welding sector indicate the annual frequency of these checks.

TEC Eurolab uses a technological device capable of managing and controlling the welding parameters, and the correct operation of the welders directly in the field, without making any modifications to the welders.


Companies certified to EN 1090, 3834, 15085, 9001, 9100, NADCAP are obliged to have a methodical verification system for their welding machines. The entry into force of this standard means that welding machine calibrations are no longer carried out using current clamps with sensitivities well above 2.5%, but through the use of instrumentation that allows the parameters required by the standard to be measured as a primary tool.


Effective monitoring of the welding process ensures that the essential parameters entered into the welder (generator, torch, accessories) are in line with the tolerance limits of the WPS. This control ensures repeatability in the execution of a welded joint, guaranteeing high quality levels in terms of mechanical and chemical characteristics.

Do you need to verify your welding machine?

TEC Eurolab can check the parameters of your welding machine.


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