TEC Eurolab

TEC Eurolab has numerous devices for performing magnetic particle testing

Both on-site and at client’s premises.


Fixed-bed plant – General Industry.

Accredited ACCREDIA 17025 according to UNI EN ISO 9934-1 specification, the fixed magnetic bench is arranged for inspection with fluorescent magnetic particles in oily suspension.

The system can accommodate components having a 1 meter length and generates a longitudinal magnetic field in the component by means of an internal ferromagnetic core, and a circumferential field, by the passage of cuna axial current

Portable wheeled generator – General Industry

In the case of components having too large dimensions for the fixed pallet, or where it is necessary to have a system that generates high current and magnetic field values at customer’s site, TEC Eurolab has a wheeled generator, which can be used either by means of ferrules or by coil windings. All techniques can be combined, depending on the type of component being inspected, with controls using colored or fluorescent magnetic particles.

Portable Electromagnets – General Industry

Specific for checking welded joints or specific areas of large components or complex geometries, portable electromagnet control enables fulfillment of the requirements of UNI EN ISO 9934-1 both on site and at the customer’s premises, and can be combined with fluorescent magnetic particles (in the case of machined components) or colored magnetic particles (in the case of raw components).

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