TEC Eurolab

In TEC Eurolab’s mechanical testing department, we perform the full range of static hot mechanical tests, especially creep and stress rupture tests.

By providing useful design information, the creep test allows evaluation of viscous creep due to hot deformation produced over time under static loading conditions, even several thousand hours.

The stress rupture test is more of a qualitative assessment of the behavior of the material subjected to a fixed pair of load and temperature for a fixed time, typically 24hr. In this case we have no useful design information but a behavior at failure and, if the latter occurs in the predetermined 24 hr, a minimum elongation to be achieved that depends on the material.

The segments usually interested in this kind of testing are those where the performance of the material is the most driven and the material has to be known under operating conditions.
Aerospace, Energy, Oil&Gas sectors are discussed, with particular interest from forgers, tube mills and foundries for special alloy castings in addition to the now cross-cutting additive manufacturing.

Our machines allow us to perform tensile tests on both cylindrical and prismatic specimens of different sizes and different thicknesses according to ASTM or EN ISO standards. On these types of tests, the full scale of the available machines is 50kN and the maximum test temperature 1040°C.

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