Your challange

Developing safer, higher-performance products, building aircrafts and components that withstand longer flying hours while saving energy and reducing environmental impact: the challenge of innovation in your industry is more pressing than ever, and depends increasingly on new materials and technologies. Your most strategic partner is the one who helps to reduce your time-to-market, increasing the confidence that your products are offering the highest attainable level of quality and safety.

Our solutions

Advanced testing and failure analysis technologies together with thorough knowledge of the most recently developed materials (composites, super alloys, and additive manufacturing materials among others) can make a major quality contribution while cutting time-to-market and reducing development costs.

As an independent analysis and test centre for the aerospace industry, TEC Eurolab gives you complete confidence in every stage of your production process and every link in your supply chain. TEC Eurolab is a reliable, internationally recognized, partner capable of supporting your decision making, from design to final testing. We make you feel sure and we help you to reach greater heights.



TEC Eurolab’s value as a testing centre for the aerospace industry lies in guaranteeing the safety and quality level of each stage of the production process, as well as that of all suppliers in the supply chain. We are an expert partner in supporting the customer in the various decision-making stages, from design to final testing.


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