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Additive technologies are acquiring an increasing importance in the industrial production and in different fields of application.

This is possible thanks to the numerous potentials they offer in terms of design freedom, speed, absence of molds. However, to have quality products, their use as a manufacturing system requires the development of all the numerous aspects that contribute to the result:

  • material used
  • validity check of the printing parameters
  • piece arrangement in the work chamber

Our solution

In a sector not yet regulated or standardized such as the Additive Manufacturing, knowledge of the technology represents an important opportunity for companies that want to guarantee the quality of their 3D printing products and processes.

TEC Eurolab supports companies in the transition from traditional industrial processes to additive manufacturing, following them along the entire process of experimentation, industrialization and qualification.

For instance, TEC Eurolab can provide companies with valuable support both in the characterization of materials, through multiple static and dynamic tests, and in the analysis of the finished component. Thanks to the consolidated experience and the synergy with which the various departments operate and the provision of advanced instrumentation, the center provides specific information, performs tests that comply with standards, accompanies the customer in evaluating the results of the analysis and suggests possible improvements to be made to the project or additive manufacturing process settings. The support offered to companies begins already in the pre-analysis phase, when the project is started together with the customer, to continue in the test phases and, subsequently, with the analysis of the test results.

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