Intervista a Olivier Haenel, Responsabile North Star Imaging

Olivier Haenel, Responsabile North Star Imaging
The CT technology actually brings a lot more information to the industry than conventional quality verification systems like CMS or laser scanners, because, first of all, you can see what’s inside the part, whereas with the scanner, a classical optical scanner, you cannot see inside the part, you have to chop it, you have to cut it off, and by cutting it off you have to, actually, face the risk to destroy a lot of information, eventually – you know- porosity or inclusion or craks.
So, I think what definitely brings a lot of information and quality, ultimately, is also the fact you can do reverse engineering, so this is a very important step where, simply by scanning apart, you can actually verify that the whole process from designing the part down to manufacturing it including for casting aluminium shapes for example, that your aluminium flows very cleanly and very steadily into the smaller parts of your mode; and then, of course, the information you get you can directly use it to validate your F.E.M. models you’ve done before.
So you can predict the lifetime of your parts as well as it’s a very important step.
For us, as you know, system suppliers to the market together with our partner Tec Eurolab, it’s very important that we have the opportunity to meet industrials from different fields, both to get a feedback.
It’s a real opportunity we have to get an open discussion about their needs, about their hopes, about what they expect from CT, for example or just simply communicate about the new things we are able to bring to the market and to help them solve their issues. So, if we want to develop the right product for the future, we need to know exactly what the industry is expecting to get, so that’s a very imporant event for us to be present at, absolutely. - Internet Partner
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