X-Ray ON – TEC Eurolab installs the new NSI X7000


The new NSI X7000 system installed for industrial tomography, equipped with a 450kV voltage and double detector. This NSI system is for thick aluminum samples such as engine blocks for the automotive sector, as well as more dense materials such as alloys CoCr used in aerospace components in additive manufacturing. The new system (NSI X7000) increases the testing possibilities available to our clients and will allow samples of up to 110 centimeters wide and 3 meters tall to be scanned. 
X-Ray ON – TEC Eurolab installs the new NSI X7000
"...Computed Tomography (CT) has the unique capability to detect internal defects and to perform a full dimensional analysis of the inspected objects without the need of destroying or disassembling the objects themselves. It's the perfect technology to assist our customers along their whole development chain: starting with failure analysis, we can assist in the R&D of a new product or production process, up to first article inspection and quality control..."

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