Quality systemQuality system
Quality system

How to make the production process secure

Process analysis is a necessary tool to increase awareness of the possible risks deriving from anomalies and critical issues on the entire production process chain. Welding is a special process and as such it must be guaranteed in all its parts, from the planning (with relative choice of materials and manufacturing methods) to the selection of the technical skills necessary to ensure proper management and implementation. Thanks to a variety of integrated services, TEC Eurolab helps you make the manufacturing process safe, improving the expected results.

Certification as a strategic advantage

Quality must be certified, i.e. guaranteed by an independent third party that verifies the level and the ability of maintenance, in accordance with the applied standards. Leading companies in their sector invest in the process of continuous improvement. This requires certified quality systems, safe and reliable processes, as well as expert employees that can guarantee constant and repeatable performances over time. These characteristics can be enhanced on the market by certifying such performances, and in doing so placing the company in a leading position when a customer is selecting a supplier.

Total quality welding

Welding plays a very important role in several product areas (automotive, oil & gas, aerospace, packaging and manufacturing), each of which requires high standards and very careful management control. In this respect, it is necessary to manage the whole process in order to optimize each production phase, from cleaning and assembly to final quality inspection. Therefore, TEC Eurolab is a reliable partner to help you in the complete management of the process, putting you in a position to make the right choices and guaranteeing the achievement of better results. The Total Quality Welding therefore defines a services package in support of the quality office.

List of services

Personnel certification
Welding certificates 9606 -14732 - 13585 - 9737 – 13067
Non destructive testing 9712 and SNT TC 1A
Welding Coordinator 14731

Certification processes
Series Processes UNI EN ISO 15614
Processes UNI EN ISO 15613
Processes ASME IX
AWS D1.1 Processes AWS D17.1 Series
PED Certification 

System certification
UNI EN ISO 9001- UNI EN ISO 3834 - UNI EN 1090

Course Catalog 
Custom courses
Video Academy

Work islands 
Welding machines assessment CEI EN 50504
Visual Operating Instructions creation

Drafting documents
Welding Book
Welding Map
Production WPS validation
Control plans
Technical specifications 

Certification of suppliers
Supplier qualification
Systematic monitoring and control

Quality Inspection
EN10204 inspection on metal products 
Inspection for production control
Work advancement inspections

Total quality
Implementation of statistical process controls (SPC)

Destructive testing
Non-destructive testing
Fatigue test
Dimensional Testing


Expertise in welding industry

• ASME Code
• Laser welding 
• Electron beam 
• Resistance welds
• CMT Robot
• Alloy steels 
• Titanium Alloys
• Gluing
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