We make you feel sure – open factory - TEC Eurolab’s open day


“We make you feel sure – open factory” was held on Saturday June 24 2017, from 9:00 to 1:00 pm at the headquarters on Via Grieco.”.
The official inauguration of new non-destructive testing labs. An open house day for all collaborators and their families.
The event has seen the participation of institutions and the press and has also been an opportunity to discuss some sensitive issues related to work as life time, and an opportunity to share a new milestone in history company.
Paolo Moscatti - President TEC Eurolab
My partners and I are really proud of the work our employees do. They are doing things that we obviously do not know how to do, we understand very well what they do and we would miss anything else, but it is they who solve problems, they are talking to customers and they are at every moment representing TEC Eurolab.
Here I believe that today the pride, the sense of belonging to a company can really give that something more in terms of personal tranquility, relationships and everything added also to social cohesion, a social cohesion within the company, which is then exported to the families of our employees and this is another great value, being able to create social cohesion.
Alberto Montagnani - TEC Eurolab Vice President
Well, I am very happy with the participation because almost all the collaborators came with their families and so this makes me very happy, because an open day for families , it is important that they are there.
And I think this is the positive aspect of Emilian companies and small businesses: entrepreneurs and workers, they have a heart.

Silvia Bressan - TEC Eurolab Administrative Manager
Sometimes taken from the frenzy of everyday work, where since you cross the threshold, until the signing of the card is very often always a continuous run, you do not have the opportunity to fully enjoy what the corporate climate, the atmosphere, the living are.
Being outside the working environment with colleagues who are already working stressful life, is a small community, enlarged to 'family environment, it could only be almost without a success.

Francesca Gava - Aerospace Planning TEC Eurolab
These experiences are beautiful because you are friends and not colleagues, so it's always nice. The turnout very positive.
Expect no, because all the times is different, they are good at organizing these events and every time is unique.

Anna Grassi - Socia TEC Eurolab
The thing that made me more pleased is the fact that they really came with their children, parents who came to say that it was beautiful know the colleagues of their children, this is for me it was the best thing of the day.
Loretta Gozzi - Socia TEC Eurolab
It was a great experience, I like being with these guys and I really feel like family, not for nothing I have the whole family inside the workshop, even the two guys, so I'm very involved.
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