Visual test Kit S300


Good morning everyone, in this video we’re gonna present you the visual kit test designed and producted by TEC Eurolab for non destructive test control, in particular the visual test control The visual test kit is contained in a grey plastic box with a metallic basement on the bottom part to protect all the instruments inside from damages or other stuff, but now we let open the box to see what is inside. First of all as you can see here, there are two black plastic lips that are very easy to open and guarantee a very access to the kit. The kit is protected from two layer of plastic material that guarantee high stability during the transportation condition and the stability of instruments inside.
The first instrument we’re gonna see now is the luxmeter contained in this box. Luxmeter is used to measure the light intensity near the inspection area. This instrument is provided by 9 Volt battery inside the instrument and is very easy to use. There are only two button that allows the operator to turn on/off the instrument and to hold the screen. For example if we now turn on it measure zero, this is because the sensor is covered by the plastic layer, if we remove the plastic protection, we can see the luxmeter that measure the light intensity in this room, obviously if we put a finger or hand on sensor the intensity measure is compromised. If we want to hold the screen we select the button hold and then wen can even cover completely the sensor but nothing happens. There are three different scale to use to determine the environmental light condition.
Digital caliber and torch
The second instrument contained in this visual kit test Is a classic digital caliber that is very useful in every condition of the visual test and it present three different buttons and a screw. The screw can be used to lock the instrument, if we turn the screw left the caliber doesn’t move. To turn on the caliber just press the red button and to turn on zero the caliber, just press the zero. Is possibile to change the measure unit changing to millimeter to inch simply pressing this button. This kit also contains a torch with eight led, the battery for torch is contained inside this little box, is quite easy to install the battery, because we simply remove this, we insert the battery in the right direction, and then simply close or open the contact on/off to have the light turn on or turn off
Ocular and metal tip for drawing
An highly very useful instrument is the ocular. In a lot of visual test control, the defect that the operator searching for, is very little, so for this reason is very useful to have an ocular to put for example, on the piece to analyze and that allow a better magnification, also the instrument has a milimetric scale on a glass wall that allows the operator to measure the defect that is on the piece. When ocular is dirty is possible to clean it by using an antistatic panel. Then we have also a metal tip for drawing, that is very useful because it allow us to feel the defect present on a particular. For example if we analyze the welding inside this joint it is simply possible to insert the tip inside and feel, I use “feel” because is a real word to describe it, some marginal incision, some vacant of penetration or other stuff. With this tool is simply possible to feel the defects. The are two different tip, one is curved for difficult accesses and one is straight for easy access.
Brush brass and lens
To perfom better test, this kit is provided also with a brush brass used to clean the surface we’re gonna analyze in this way. Very simple to use, is not necessary to spend other words on this. So, by simply using this stuff we can remove oxide or general dirty or particular that can’t permit our test. The kit is also provided with lens with 10x and 5x magnification, as we previously mention with the ocular, the lens is very useful because allow the operator to have better magnification on a little particular or little defects.
Flexible glass
The flexible glass for the same reason described before for lens and ocular, is very useful because it help the technician to arrive in difficult areas. For example, if we consider our welded tube, we can insert inside the tube our flexible glass and then see the welding and see T joint evaluating if there are defects or other stuff. So, using this simple instrument guarantee a better control.
Tools for visual welding inspection
Inside the visual test kit that is also a extrados caliber that allow to measure the extrados. For example if we consider this T joint is possible to measure its height, simply in this way. There are two different scale, one in millimeter and one in inch that allow us to see in this case that this particular extrados is 3 mm high. This tool also can be used to measure maximum height of the joint, using this screw is possible to have this cursor in this correct position and if we want to evaluate our joint, we simply take the particular that we want to examine, we move in this way and we can have an idea of height of our particular. Also there are two scale, one in inch and one in mm to measure the distance, that can be useful, and finally this tool provide a valid help to measure the degree of the joint. Is kind simple to measure this degree, we simply move our caliber in this way on our joint, then we can select the right degree and we can measure it by saying ok…this joint is 14 degree welding and so it is possible to evaluate the real degree of the joint. Another very useful tool that is inside the visual test kit is the depth caliber. That caliber simply allow to measure depth in a very simple way, so for example we can measure steps simply moving one of this steps and this it can be kind useful because we have a depth measure useful in most of application. The last caliber that we have inside this kit is the welding caliber that is a set of different calibers can be divided insight of one, and its can be used by technician to measure or comparate one welding with one welding in according with norms, simply putting the caliber to see and to make an evaluation. If the operator or technician want use only one of this caliber, is simply possible remove one of this caliber and bring it to the piece.
Flexible torch and usb pen
The last tool that we have inside this visual kit is the flexible torch with the flexible glass. Is used, as we mention for the flexible glass, to go and investigate in difficult accesses, but also in this case we can first of all simply putting the two battery inside here, in this way. To light the instrument simply we can turn on or off the screw, and also if we can fix our flexible glass to our instrument in this way…and this is the final form of instrument that ca be insert inside the tube and ca be used to make measure and evaluation of the area Finally inside the visual kit test designed and produced by TEC Eurolab we can find a pen drive 2 gb. Inside this pen drive are contained the certificate of these instruments and the technical details to help the operator using these tools.
We have now finished the unboxing visual test kit designed by TEC Eurolab and we can make some final consideration. First of all, as you can see, this kit is very easy to use and is very easy to transport, that are two requirements that are necessary to be satisfied, because one operator need to be very fast in moving and need to have every items that he needs, in the same place. For these reason, this visual test kit can be a very good partner in the visual test control. On the second hand, with this kit a technician can perform the visual test in the correct way. A lot of time the visual test is considered very easy to do, but if the visual test is made in the correct way, it can find the defect on the particular or pieces, instantly. So, with this kit an operator can find the defect on the particular and help the customer on his research. Thank you for watching the video and have a nice day
Visual test Kit S300

What is it

VISUAL TEST KIT S300 is a rigid carrying case made by TEC Eurolab containing all the necessary equipment to perform a complete and correct visual inspection in accordance with the requirements of UNI EN 17637:2011

This kit is very easy to use and is very easy to transport, that are two requirements that are necessary to be satisfied, because one operator need to be very fast in moving and need to have every items that he needs, in the same place. For these reasons, this visual test kit can be a very good partner in the visual test control.
Visual test Kit S300

What's inside?

VISUAL TEST KIT S300 contains: Welding gauge (stronger version, sheet thickness 1.8 mm); depth gauge; digital caliber; measuring lens; gauge for measuring extrados; Digital light meter, (for measuring the conditions of illumination in the area of inspection); Instructions issued by a NDT Level 3, are contained in the included 2 GB USB flash drive  (more memory than the previous version) which is included inside the kit.

Other accessories available in the kit are: flexible mirror with light, rigid metal mirror, 10X magnifying glass, LED torch, metal tip for drawing, brush brass and no. 4 AA batteries, no. 1 cell battery for digital gauge, no. 1 9V battery for the digital light meter.
Visual test Kit S300

Purpose and advantages

VISUAL TEST KIT S300 can be used in the workshop to check the welded products, at construction sites to improve the performance of the inspection and therefore constitutes a useful compendium on hand of each welding inspector.
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