UT - Misure spessori

UT - Misure spessori
Ultrasonic thickness gauge, widely used in the industrial world allows to test quickly and effectively the measurement of a specific point of a component, also can be used for :
  • Define the thickness of metallic and non-metallic materials
  • Check for variations in section
  • Search for any reduction of the thickness caused by corrosive phenomena
  • Measurement of carry-overs
  • Measurement of some types of coating
These investigations are carried out directly in the field by ISO 9712 qualified personnel, according to the guidelines of the UNI EN 14127 (thickness measurement using ultrasounds) or by following the guidelines INAIL for verification of pressure equipment .
The control of pressure vessels, usually required in the face of decades of certification is carried out by performing a mapping grid on both the plating is on the case back.
The measured values ​​must be compared with values ​​on technical drawing and / or in the booklet of the system.

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