EN ISO 9001:2008 - TÜV NORD

EN ISO 9001:2008 -  TÜV NORD
Management system as for
EN ISO 9001:2008

Certificate Registration No. 44 100 120017
Valid until 2018-09-14

In accordance with TUV NORD CERT procedures, it is hereby certified that

TEC Eurolab Srl
Viale Europa, 40
41011, Campogalliano (MO) - Italy

applies a management system in line with the above standard for the following scope

Provision of services of: material testing laboratory in chemical, metallographic and mechanical fields; non-destructive testing; dimensional testing laboratory; design and provision of training courses in technical and normative fields.

Accreditation and approvals

Messier-Dowty qualified supplier

Messier-Dowty qualified supplier

Approved as laboratory for analysis and materials testing.
ALENIA AERONAUTICS qualified supplier

ALENIA AERONAUTICS qualified supplier

Recognition as a Laboratory for chemical analysis, chemical/physical analysis, mechanical tests for the acceptance of following materials: metal row...
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