Computerized industrial tomography

The TEC Eurolab's industrial computed tomography center supports companies in the acquisition and interpretation of X-ray scans to perform any kind of investigation with useful applications for

✔ research and development
✔ analysis of defects
✔ quality control
Computerized industrial tomography


Following tomographic scanning of a component or a sample (CT scan), it is possible to reconstruct its volume with the possibility of viewing it in different perspectives and perform quantitative measurements of the defects detected (porosity, inclusions, holes, cracks).

For each defect indication, it is possible to measure:
✔ the size of the relative diameter
✔ the position in a specific coordinate reference system
✔ all other dimensional values to classify the defect.

Computerized industrial tomography


It is possible to evaluate and verify

✔ the deviations from the CAD also of the internal features as well as the external ones;
✔ any differences between the same components produced in the same or different lots;
✔ The results are visible in both 2D and 3D sections.


Computerized industrial tomography


Through industrial computed tomography it is possible to analyze the thickness of components with undersized walls or excessive thickness.

It is possible to
✔ detect slight thickness variations on large components
✔ quickly identify any critical issues using the appropriate color scale.


Computerized industrial tomography


Great potentiality of CT scanning is the revenge engineering, which allows to reconstruct from 0 the CAD drawing of a component in order to evaluate its geometry and internal structure. It is possible to extract an STL (surface mesh format) that can be transformed by other software into a volumetric format such as STEP, IGES or formats of the most used 3D modelers. The advantages of reverse engineering using tomographic scanning:
✔ recover CAD of components that are no longer available
✔ the ability to recover the design of a component for which CAD is not available and of which you only have a physical sample. This feature is also useful in the additive manufacturing process, since it gives the possibility to obtain useful information to replicate a component produced in traditional mode.

Computerized industrial tomography


Industrial Computed Tomography has high potential in the field of dimensional analysis. Thanks to tomographic scanning it is possible
✔verify if the finished product corresponds to the original drawing ( comparison between real and nominal).
✔to acquire volume data without damaging the object under examination.


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