TEC Eurolab Workshop - Training course AIM: Demonstrations in TEC Eurolab


As part of the '8th edition of the Course of Mechanical Tests organized by AIM in collaboration with ING, which was held in Modena on the dates 29 to 30 January and 5-6 February 2013, TEC Eurolab was one of the companies in the district, which allowed the students of the course to "testing" with hand what has been explained to them in the classroom.
Tuesday, February 5, 2013 from 14.00
course students have visited TEC Eurolab laboratories, and during the visit they have attend, followed by Lab Technicians adn Managers, some practical demonstrations of mechanical tests.
5 Technological islands have been created, related to the scope of the mechanical tests and within these "islands" the students, through explanations of TEC Eurolab Technician Managers, were able to observe how around the "simple" mechanical tests there are other types of tests and instruments used in this field.
Below are some photos of the day.

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Tag:  Precision mechanics

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