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Friday, March 29, 2013 at Jingrong INTERNATIONAL HOTEL in Shanghai TEC Eurolab held a seminar entitled
"Control inspections on welded parts: non-destructive testing and qualification of welding"
The seminar, like others already held by our experts in China, saw a high turnout and its aim was to provide a clear picture of the inspections controls on welded parts.
Our expert IWE Isacco Bettin in order to its certifications (IWE License 120017A, UNI EN 473 Technical UT VT MT) and on the significant experience on welding and non-destructive testing, held the seminar by providing guidance on welding, the importance of the qualification of welding procedure and welders, the defects induced by the welding process and finally on importance of using test procedures approved by technical level 3 qualified.
Below are some photos of the day.



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