TEC Eurolab, international growth


TEC Eurolab, international growth
In the last three years TEC Eurolab has experienced a considerable growth increase, in terms of sales, margins, client base and services offered, which is the result of significant investments in technology, know-how and system support.

In harmony with this expansion, TEC Eurolab has decided to expand abroad, identifying the German and British markets as well as the Aerospace and Automotive sectors as targets.

Over time, the company has further developed its expertise and references in these fields. The main objective in becoming more international is to progressively penetrate the target markets by strongly aligning ourselves with strategic partners that pursue the utmost quality, safety and performance in terms of materials and systems.

TEC Eurolab has taken advantage of the regional grant 3.4.1 of the POR FESR 2014-2020 in order to launch the internationalizing process.
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