TEC Eurolab technicians in USA for the 2014 NSI X-ray and CT Symposium


The 2014 North Star Imaging, Inc.  X-ray and CT Symposium organized by North Star Imaging, Inc. in Otsego, Michigan (USA),attracted a huge crowd with guests attending from as far away as Korea and Italy. TEC Eurolab as a Italian trading exclusive partner of North Star Imaging (NSI inc) participated in the event, with the presence of some technicians.

During the conference, industry leading professionals presented on the latest developments, trends and techniques within the X-ray/CT Nondestructive testing field.  Topics ranged from Advanced Software to X-ray Tube/Detector Developments and even Virtual Reality.

Nick Brinkhoff, Product Manager of NSI, has confirmed that the aim of the conference was to help drive growth in the X-ray and CT industries, creating opportunities customers and suppliers to collaborate.

Keynote Speaker, Jerry Roddy, was a highlight of the symposium.  Jerry, former lead scientist for the NSA NDT laboratory, used non-destructive testing techniques to uncover implants that allowed Soviets to spy on machines in the US Embassy in Moscow in 1984.

“NSI would like to thank our speakers for sharing their knowledge, our vendors for their support and especially all of our attendees for joining us, participating and ultimately making this event an overwhelming success,” said Chris Damhof, Marketing Coordinator.

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