TEC Eurolab Roadshow: Industrial Computed Tomography - 21/11/2013


TEC Eurolab Roadshow: Industrial Computed Tomography - 21/11/2013


Industrial Computed Tomography
Travel inside your products

Thursday, November 21th, 2013 - h. 16.45 - 19.00
at M.E.F. "Casa Museo Enzo Ferrari" (MO)

Innovation - Investment in new technology - R&D
These were the key themes of the first Italian Roadshow on Industrial Computed Tomography, focused on potentialities and benefits of this advanced technology landed in Italy to give new perspectives in the analysis of products and components for industrial applications.
Here below some details of the event:
• 94 attendees (people coming from R&D / Quality Dept. / Production area / Technical area…)
• 32 companies among best Emilia Romagna industrial compartments (and not only in the Automotive, Biomedical, R&D etc.)
• International agenda moderation (the speaker was English mother language)
• Video conference speeches from United States, held by two Computed Tomography experts
• Guided involvement of the attendees in interactive activities
The event has been held in a very gorgeous location: The M.E.F. Museum – which means the real Enzo Ferrari’s Birthplace completed by a futuristic automotive design gallery (Modena downtown)
For this event, TEC Eurolab has invested in a highly interactive "journey" within the Industrial Computed Tomography, illustrating the particular improvement and innovation characteristics of this advanced technology.
Firstly used for medical investigation and given its enormous potential, this technology has immediately met the interest of the military and defense industry and, obviously, the interest of other industries has been consequently captured.
In recent years, the Industrial Tomography can be absolutely counted among the most advanced non-destructive
techniques of products and components testing. Its application requires not only advanced equipment but also
a highly-specialized technical staff in order to better apply the enormous potential of this technology.
During the first Italian Roadshow on Industrial Computed Tomography, applications and benefits were presented, including the advanced analysis of products and components failures, dimensional testing, support to the production process as well as the reverse engineering and, upon completion of the exposure, two authoritative international testimonies held an interesting lesson on these themes, directly linked by videoconference from the United States.

Location of Event, Museo Casa Enzo Ferrari in Modena,
place full of history, innovation, research and success
entirely linked with themes of roadshow

Some Photos of Event

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