TEC Eurolab obtained the 3rd level for NDT personnel certification


Facsimile of a NDT licenseFacsimile of a NDT license
Facsimile of a NDT license
The certification body TEC Eurolab was certified by ACCREDIA to provide the certification of personnel in the field of non-destructive testing for level 3, according to UNI EN ISO 473 and ISO 9712; TEC Eurolab is now among the 4 Italian institutions capable of delivering this service with significance in the European Community as well as internationally.
 The certification in addition to being a flagship, index of fine quality  and technical management, it is extremely important for the candidate who develops a profile of excellence in the field of NDT controls.
The personnel certified Level 3 is published on AIPND,  Italian magazine concerning non-destructive testing.

*************Estract of standard UNI EN 473**************
Par. An individual certificated to level 3 has demonstrated competence to perform and direct non-destructive testing operations for which he is certificated. Within the scope of the competence defined on certificate, level 3, personnel may be authorised to:
a) assume full responsibility for a test facility or examination centre and staff;
b) establish and validate NDT instructions and procedures;
c) interpret standards, codes, specifications and procedures;
d) designate the particular test methods, procedures and NDT instructions to be used;
e) carry out and supervise all level 1 and level 2 duties, and
f) provide guidance for NDT personnel at all levels.
Par. Level 3 personnel have demonstrated:
a) the competence to evaluate and interpret results in terms of existing standards, codes and specifications;
b) sufficient practical knowledge of applicable materials, fabrication and product technology to select NDT  
methods, establish NDT techniques, and assist in establishing acceptance criteria where none are otherwise available; 
c) a general familiarity with other NDT methods

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