TEC Eurolab is now part of Batso (Battery Safety Organization)


TEC Eurolab has recently joined BATSO (Battery Safety Organization), a German association that has issued the first standard on safety in operation of batteries for light electric vehicles.

TEC Eurolab is the first italian organization to be part of this association.

The above mentioned standard will soon take the path to become an ISO standard.


04/05/2017Innovation Quality Summit, Stuttgart

9-10 May - TEC Eurolab will be in Stuttgart for the International Summit on Innovation and Disruptive Tecnologies

21/03/2017CONVENTION: “Non Destructive Testing for the Automotive Industry”

TEC Eurolab TEC Eurolab promotes the convention as Major Sponsor and will hold a speech about “Tomographic analysis on Automotive components”.

15/03/2017A Work of Art

The daily “Gazzetta di Modena” interviewed Carlo Baldessari: glass artist with which TEC Eurolab has a long lasting cooperation.
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