TEC Eurolab introduces the new equipment to perform the Disbonding Test
(HID hydrogen induced disbonding)


The equipment to perform the Disbonding TestThe equipment to perform the Disbonding Test
The equipment to perform the Disbonding Test
TEC Eurolab is pleased to inform you that a new equipment has been installed within the section "Corrosion Tests and protection of metals”; this device is suitable of carrying out the Disbonding test (HID).
The test measures the susceptibility of bimetallic systems or surface layers to get detached or to present bulges in environments rich in hydrogen under extreme conditions of temperature and pressure.
The HID is a  test in which a sample prepared generally according to ASTM G146, is conditioned in a hydrogen-rich environment at high pressure and high temperature according to customers and/or product specification cycles and it is then evaluated by ultrasonic non-destructive test and metallographic examination for the evaluation of the detachment caused by the action of hydrogen.
In general the test is carried out on specimens or test plates representing systems where service conditions require the presence of hydrogen at high temperature and high pressure. Usually in these systems, base  materials with surface welding layers are used. In general these tests are performed to characterize oil & gas , production of energy or chemical industry application.
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