TEC Eurolab: industrial research laboratory accredited to the High Technology Network of Emilia-Romagna


Laboratories accredited to the High Technology Network:

• They adopt criteria for organization, planning and management that ensure the enterprise on the progress of the research with a constant tracking of cost / income ratio of the activities carried out in collaboration with companies and / or external users.
• They provide enterprise skills and expert human resources not only in the technological-scientific, but also for what concerns the application of new industrial technologies and able to manage projects of industrial research and innovation activities and technology transfer in collaboration with external users.
• They have equipment constantly subject to appropriate maintenance programs and the staff participates in regular training programs.
• They work in collaboration with other structures of the network, of the same Platform as well as related to the other Platforms and then have access to transversal skills useful to the research
• They are part of technological research networks, national and international and they are able to activate collaborations on a European scale.

For detailed information on the institutional accreditation of TEC Eurolab, visit the appropriate section

04/05/2017Innovation Quality Summit, Stuttgart

9-10 May - TEC Eurolab will be in Stuttgart for the International Summit on Innovation and Disruptive Tecnologies

21/03/2017CONVENTION: “Non Destructive Testing for the Automotive Industry”

TEC Eurolab TEC Eurolab promotes the convention as Major Sponsor and will hold a speech about “Tomographic analysis on Automotive components”.

15/03/2017A Work of Art

The daily “Gazzetta di Modena” interviewed Carlo Baldessari: glass artist with which TEC Eurolab has a long lasting cooperation.
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