TEC Eurolab chooses Cohesity DataPlatform for data security

TEC Eurolab chooses Cohesity DataPlatform for data security
The information acquired by TEC Eurolab laboratories is highly confidential and requires special care in its storage on-premise, in full compliance with the principles of protection of industrial patents and GDPR. Thanks to Cohesity, a fully GDPR compliant solution, TEC Eurolab's customer information is now inherently protected by native features.

The implementation of a solution able to meet the business needs of TEC Eurolab and its customers, able to ensure the total protection of the data provided, is now an added value for the department of Industrial Tomography of TEC Eurolab.

“With a joint Cohesity and HPE solution, TEC Eurolab maximized business efficiency using a single, web-scale data management platform for both file shares and target storage for backups. We have reduced staff operational time by 30 percent and significantly improved data resiliency with Cohesity. Best of all, we have doubled our production capacity and have met customer SLAs without compromising on security and compliance, which contributed in part to an increase in Tomographic Center revenues. We are now looking to further maximize these benefits across the organization by expanding Cohesity to other use cases such as integrated backup, recovery and analytics.”

Member of the Board & Production Director, TEC Eurolab


Redefine the workflow of acquisition, processing and archiving of 3D digital data of TEC Eurolab Tomography department by significantly reducing processing times and paying particular attention to data protection.


The implementation of a shared storage solution based on HPE hardware and Cohesity software has reduced staff operational time by 30 percent and ensured that TEC Eurolab's customer is fully protected in accordance with data protection regulations.

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