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TEC Eurolab: Nadcap accredited LabTEC Eurolab: Nadcap accredited Lab
TEC Eurolab: Nadcap accredited Lab
It is with great satisfaction that TEC Eurolab announces have obtained the Nadcap accreditation for the implementation of the following laboratory tests for the Aerospace and Defense field:


  • Chemical testing by Atomic emission spectroscopy by Inductively Coupled plasma (ICP)


  • Metallography
Recalling the previous qualifications awarded to our Laboratory by Alenia Aeronautica and Boeing Company as well as the 2nd level PT (Penetrant Test) qualification according with the aviation regulations EN 4179 and NAS 410, the Nadcap accreditation is a further step to the vibrant mosaic of the skills of the company and demonstrates, once again, the ability of TEC Eurolab to apply the highest quality standards, such as those required by highly technological and extremely demanding productive sectors such as the aerospace and defense world.
With this last accreditation, TEC Eurolab is able to differ further in a distinctive way, compared to its competitors.
It is a fact how a constant investment in innovation of services conducted by TEC Eurolab, led the laboratory to be a center of services and technical assistance unique in its genre. No other Italian laboratory can now boast such a range of "certified skills" at the highest levels, skills which are at disposal of the companies that can take advantage in their activities in support of quality control, product and process innovation, staff training: laboratory testing, materials technology, non-destructive testing (NDT), welding qualifications, dimensional measurements, calibration of measuring instruments, technical support on materials and special processes, training and qualification of personnel for NDT and welding, all certified/accredited by the following Bodies: SINAL, SIT, SINCERT (now unified into a single body: ACCREDIA), ALENIA AERONAUTICA, BOEING, NADCAP, MINISTRY OF THE ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT.
With NADCAP accreditation, an exciting new chapter has been opened in the history of TEC Eurolab.
But what exactly the Nadcap is?
Nadcap is an acronym for: National Aerospace and Defense Contractors Accreditation Program, a program originally created by the U.S. Department of Defense to ensure compliance with technical/quality requirements of the aerospace products. The validity of the program has allowed its rapid evolution and adoption by leading aerospace and defense industries that have made a standard thereof, for process and suppliers control. Today the management of the system was transferred to the PRI (Performance Review Institute), a "no-profit" Body supported by several leading companies, usually competing with each other, that sponsor, manage and actively participate in the program so that all aerospace Primes, require Nadcap accreditation as a prerequisite for each possible supplier.
The aerospace industry has agreed that the Nadcap program presents clear advantages because, focusing on the overall performance of the supplier which is monitored by the PRI, it enables continuous improvement of product quality and, simultaneously, a reduction of the number of the necessary audits required and therefore the auditing costs, both for the supplier and the customer.

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