TEC Eurolab at Aerospace&Defence - Turin 2013


23th and 24th October 2013 in Turin (Italy) - Lingotto Fiere, returns the International Business Convention for the aerospace and defense industry, and TEC Eurolab (exhibitor) participates, as partner and supplier of high value-added services for companies in the aviation / aerospace industry. 
The context, with events such as workshops, supply chain policies sessions, innovative seminars and key conference, will be also the right context for TEC Eurolab to discuss developments and innovation in the aviation/aerospace, in order to be a partner for its customers that always puts quality and high-level skills, in the first place.

TEC Eurolab at Aerospace&Defence - Turin 2013

Innovation, Industry and Development are also the right contexts to presents at companies in this industry, INDUSTRIAL COMPUTED TOMOGRAPHY. Definitely the cutting edge techniques in Non Destructive Testing and products or components analysis.

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