TEC Eurolab and the new standards for Electric Bycicles


TEC Eurolab, in the person of Luca Destro (CEO of TEC Eurolab) is a member of LEVA (Light Electric Vehicle Association), and has contributed to achieving a particular goal of the association, through its multidisciplinary expertise;
Last week, during the Taipei Cycle Show, has been given official notice of the new performance standards for the world of electric bicycles.
The performance data are calculated on a test bench to ensure equal outcomes for different models.
These data include:
  •      Simulated city course with multiple stop and go's
  •      A simulated 4% hill climb 
  •      An acceleration profile.
The working group has defined a standard related to labels to be used on the market, useful for consumers,  to hel them to make comparisons in the purchasing of electric bicycles. From 2013  a guide will be made ​​available by the association, that will embody the models tested
What is "LEVA"
Light Electric Vehicle Association (LEVA) is an association promoting the development of this type of vehicle in the world.
Members receive support and training resources to expand its activities while engaging in efforts to influence and adopte standards and regulationsand generally promote the implementation of best practices in the field of electric vehicles.
LEVA has over 200 members from 27 countries - www.LEVAssociation.com
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