TEC Eurolab and AIPND: Workshop NDT on Civil Structures, Success!


Workshop provided the participants an overview of the non-destructive testing in civil, for safety checks on existing structures and new construction and properties of some metallic materials used in construction. There was talk of Non-destructive testing in civil, material properties, security checks, monitoring buildings, high-level training.
Also during the workshop, on two Technological islands prepared for the event, participants had the opportunity to "touch" practical applications of some tests and non-destructive techniques applied in civil industry 
Technological Island 1 - Fatigue Testing and application electronic gages

Technological Island 2 - Demonstration of non-destructive techniques in civil with the use of technical equipment (Hammer, Ultrasound, Covermeter, Thermographic Camera ...)
A memorable day for everyone ...
Here are some photos of the event


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