Electronics Industry

Electronics Industry
WORK AND EXPERIENCE WITH ELECTRONIC COMPONENTS – From production analysis to damage inspection and advanced testing of electronic components, TEC Eurolab has experts to help you in all aspects related to choosing, using and diagnosing electronic components. Our labs are capable of micro tomography with X rays to examine the inside of a component, perform failure analysis of electronic components that have been in operation or are in the production phase, as well as carrying out classic production tests such as IPC-A-610, and according to client specifications. TEC Eurolab is with you to help develop solutions and improve the quality of your components and products.
  • Visual exam of components according to international standards.
  • Visual exam of brazed joints.
  • MICRO CT Microtomography.
  • 2D radiographic test of electronic components.
  • Surface characterization.
  • Chemical analysis of metal and polymer components.
  • Mechanical tests (pull-off, shearing, tensile, vibration).
  • Conductivity testing, Electrical resistivity and isolation.
  • Macrographic and micrographic exams of sections.
  • Study and observation of surfaces with SEM (Scanning Electronic Microscope) and Failure analysis.

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