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The hardness test is carried out to evaluate the state of a metal alloy supply.
For metal alloys, TEC Eurolab uses the following hardness scales: Brinell, Vickers and Rockwell.

The hardness test is performed by using an instrument called durometer, which applies different loads, selected, according to standards referring to a sample suitably prepared; the load is applied through an indenter of different types depending on the scale used.
The hardness value is done by measuring the size of the mark left by the indenter on the sample, after having impressed the load for a controlled time for the Brinell and Vickers, while the Rockwell hardness measures the depth of penetration.

What is it for?

The hardness is a fundamental parameter to assess the state of supply or the workability of a material; being a non-destructive test, it can be performed on finished parts or to make selections on a large scale.

On what this analysis is performed / sampling

The test is performed on a flat surface and parallel to the plate of the instrument. The surface must be prepared by a surface cleaning and eventual flattening of the sample.

Reference Standards
UNI EN ISO 6506-1; UNI EN ISO 6507-1; UNI EN ISO 6508-1 - Internet Partner
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