Skills that need, taken wherever they "are".


TEC Eurolab, with a policy of continuous investment on its core competencies, participates in national and international training courses in order to develop and continuously upgrade their skills with a single purpose, try to provide the best service to their customers, taking into consistently high level of quality and helping them to improve or solve problems on its products and processes, thus creating a tangible added value.
The last two courses we attended were held in California, USA. The courses taught by a teacher with thirty years of experience in the aviation industry (Boeing) and entitled:
  • "How to Organize and Run a Failure Analysis" (How to set up and carry out a Failure Analysis)
  • "Principle of Failure Analysis" (Principles of Failure Analysis)

courses ranging from the methodological approach, the logical paths that lead to solutions, through proper technical considerations, to complete successfully a Failure Analysis. - Internet Partner
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