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Services > Non-destructive testing > Computerized industrial tomography > The tomographic center The tomographic center “TEC Eurolab industrial computed tomography center, integrated within the laboratory’s multidisciplinary structure, provides you with a range of applications unique in Europe. micrometric resolution and extreme thickness analysis are made [...]

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Testing Testing Certification as a strategic advantage Quality must be certified, i.e. guaranteed by an independent third party that verifies the level and the ability of maintenance, in accordance with the applied standards. ...   List of services Personnel certification Welding [...]


In this case, the finished component is inspected with the tomograph, while testing samples printed with the part undergo tensile, fatigue or micrography tests. ... In-house we have experts of additive processes; since TEC Eurolab services also include training courses for technicians working in this field, as well as other specific processes such as [...]

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Contact us > Contact us Contact us Welcome to customer services of Make an Inquiry or Request a Quote For materials testing needs (mechanical, welding, metallography, metallurgy, chemical analysis, fatigue testing, physical testing, etc.), additive manufacturing testing services, failure [...]

Germany: qualification of welding operators, Insights

Insights > Germany: qualification of welding operators Germany: qualification of welding operators 15/03/2015 TEC Eurolab IWI (International Welding Inspector) in Germany to qualifiy 6 welders. Certification activity: welding joint of alluminium cable with 65 mm diameter. 3 welded joint [...]

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Media > News and events > TEC Eurolab Workshop - Competences and Training courses in China TEC Eurolab Workshop - Competences and Training courses in China 07/05/2013 Friday, March 29, 2013 at Jingrong INTERNATIONAL HOTEL in Shanghai TEC Eurolab held a seminar entitled "Control inspections on welded parts: non-destructive testing and qualification of [...]

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Careers > Careers > Open Jobs Open Jobs THE COMPANY TEC Eurolab srl is a material testing centre that provides services to support customer problems in Materials Technology, Welding Technology, Non Destructive Testing, Testing Dimensional, Industrial Computed Tomography, Certification of Personnel and [...]

Non Destructive Testing in Spain, Insights

Insights > Non Destructive Testing in Spain Non Destructive Testing in Spain 10/05/2013   TEC Eurolab this time landing in Spain for about a 15,000 tons "problem" . Our two welding inspectors (IWI - International Welding Inspector), levels 2 and 3 in non-destructive testing according to [...]

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Tag directory > Certification of welding/brazing processes Certification of welding/brazing processes The welding process qualification meets the requirements of design and mechanical characteristic testing in function with the kind of base material, filler materials and utilized [...]

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