TEC Eurolab achieves accreditation to certification of plastic materials welders (polyethylene), News and events

Media > News and events > TEC Eurolab achieves accreditation to certification of plastic materials welders (polyethylene) TEC Eurolab achieves accreditation to certification of plastic materials welders (polyethylene) 15/11/2013 TEC Eurolab S.r.l.   has obtained an extension of the accreditation scheme for PRS for the [...]

ODC:Regulation UNI 9737:2016 update, News and events

The main modifications are related to a new classification of welding joints e  and new admission methods to the certification exam for plastic material welders. .   For more information on the new regulation, renewing certification or to get a new certification: : Certification Body Technical Office TEC [...]

UNI CEI EN ISO/IEC 17024:2012 - ACCREDIA - DCI (PRS), Accreditation and approvals

Accreditation and approvals > UNI CEI EN ISO/IEC 17024:2012 - ACCREDIA - DCI (PRS) UNI CEI EN ISO/IEC 17024:2012 - ACCREDIA - DCI (PRS) ACCREDITATION CERTIFICATE Accreditation Scheme:  PRS Standard:  UNI CEI EN ISO/IEC 17024:2012 Certificate:  N.069C Rev. 19 TEC Eurolab S.r.l. Viale Europa, 40 41011-Campogalliano (MO) - ITALY meet the [...]

Germany: qualification of welding operators, Insights

Insights > Germany: qualification of welding operators Germany: qualification of welding operators 15/03/2015 TEC Eurolab IWI (International Welding Inspector) in Germany to qualifiy 6 welders. Certification activity: welding joint of alluminium cable with 65 mm diameter. 3 welded joint (x person) cut of welded joints cleaning cutted areas NdT - Visual [...]

Certification of welding/brazing processes, Tag directory

Tag directory > Certification of welding/brazing processes Certification of welding/brazing processes The welding process qualification meets the requirements of design and mechanical characteristic testing in function with the kind of base material, filler materials and utilized welding procedures. ... The certification of process is [...]

TEC Eurolab Workshop - Competences and Training courses in China, News and events

Our expert IWE Isacco Bettin in order to its certifications (IWE License 120017A, UNI EN 473 Technical UT VT MT) and on the significant experience on welding and non-destructive testing, held the seminar by providing guidance on welding, the importance of the qualification of welding procedure and welders, the defects induced by the welding process and [...]

Non Destructive Testing in Spain, Insights

  In first step was carried out a check on compliance with procedural and documentary requirements of AWS D1.1 legislation resulting in checks on the validity of the qualifications of the welding process (WPQR), qualifications of welding procedures (WPS) and the qualification of the welder (WQ )   In second step, after having found some shortcoming in respect of [...]

Purchasing guide, Documenti guida all'acquisto, laboratory analysis for materials, analysis and laboratory tests, solutions quality materials control, troubleshooting

TEC performs laboratory tests at its offices, non-destructive tests, dimensional tests, and it is a certification body for activities subject to accreditation.

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