Reverse engineering, Tomographic Analysis

Services > Non-destructive testing > Computerized industrial tomography > Tomographic Analysis > Reverse engineering Reverse engineering After performing the tomographic scan of a component (CT), we can then have a modifiable CAD file. ... At this point we can extract an STL, a mesh formatted surface, which with other [...]

Reverse Engineering, Tag directory

Tag directory > Reverse Engineering Reverse Engineering

Non-contact Dimensional testing

Glossary of terms > Non-contact Dimensional testing Non-contact Dimensional testing Through not-in-contact dimensional measurements, it is possible to compare the object under inspection with the related mathematics as well as to perform the reverse engineering. ... Thanks to the laser head, which is mounted on the portable laser scanner, and to Geomagic [...]


Francesco Piasentini, himself an engineer, also took care of the post-processing of the tomographic volumes and the graphic quality of the tomographic images obtained. ...   WOOD MUSICK 2016 ​Barcelona (Spain), Museu de la Música, 7-9 September 2016   EVALUATING THE USE OF INDUSTRIAL X-RAY CT FOR THE REVERSE [...]

Industrial Computed Tomography: System ready and technicians on work, News and events

  In these days all related  setting operatioons   have been completed   Our technicians are already on work on Industrial tomographic scans for customers who have already appreciated the added value of this technology concernig on defects analysis, control of composites, dimensional testing and reverse engineering on objects and components.

#adeepervision, a workshop to inaugurate the largest tomographic center in Italy., News and events

Throughout the day, our technicians and engineers took on the task of further discussing topics of specific interest of our guests, offering #adeepervision of technologies and relative applications. .   ... The integration of Computerized Industrial Tomography with other analysis and service techniques (Failure Analysis, Reverse Engineering, [...]

TEC Eurolab at "Affidabilità & Tecnologie" Exhibition - 8th Edition, News and events

This event has become a point of reference in Italy for thousands of decision-makers, technicians and researchers of manufacturing organizations, from the world of Research and University as well as Engineering specialized companies. ... The main applications are: quality control, dimensional measurements, research and development, reverse [...]

Piston rod: measurements, wall thickness and defect investigation, Insights

Insights > Piston rod: measurements, wall thickness and defect investigation Piston rod: measurements, wall thickness and defect investigation

Ski boot: ct scan and wall thickness, Insights

Insights > Ski boot: ct scan and wall thickness Ski boot: ct scan and wall thickness

Composite materials, laboratory analysis for materials, analysis and laboratory tests, solutions quality materials control, troubleshooting

EXPERTISE su materiali compositi Failure analysis |  Dimensional validation | Non destructive testing | Procedures | Industrial Tomography | FEA | Reverse engineering | Stress Analysis | Simulation machines | Special projects   TESTING on composites   MECHANICAL TESTS (from -70° to 250° C) prepreg (tensile/ilss) laminates (tensile, [...]

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