CONFERENCE:“Non-destructive testing in the Automotive Sector”, News and events

Media > News and events > CONFERENCE:“Non-destructive testing in the Automotive Sector” CONFERENCE:“Non-destructive testing in the Automotive Sector” 21/03/2017 Tuesday April 4 2017 , in Bologna, at the Ducati Motor Holding, [...]

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Leading companies in their sector invest in the process of continuous improvement. ...   List of services Personnel certification Welding certificates 9606 -14732 - 13585 - 9737 – 13067 Non destructive testing 9712 and SNT TC 1A Welding Coordinator 14731 Certification processes Series Processes UNI EN ISO 15614 [...]

Non destructive testing for Automotive, Insights

Insights > Non destructive testing for Automotive Non destructive testing for Automotive Non-destructive tests for automotive: TEC Eurolab solutions  Interview with Mr. ... For the [...]

#adeepervision, a workshop to inaugurate the largest tomographic center in Italy., News and events

This was a chance to meet and officially open the new Tomographic System X7000, which is the largest Industrial Tomographic system installed in Italy , thus confirming the fact that TEC Eurolabs is a source of excellence for this cutting edge technology in the non-destructive testing sector. ... The afternoon involved a [...]

Fast and Accurate Simulation of Manufactured Parts with Defects, Insights

A cylindrical test specimen was additively manufactured from an aluminum alloy, with a deliberately inserted elliptic pore in the center of symmetry. ... (left): CT scan of cylindrical test specimen with single pore defect (semitransparent 3D rendering).

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