Testing for Additive Manufacturing, Additive Manufacturing

Topics > Additive Manufacturing > Testing for Additive Manufacturing Testing for Additive Manufacturing TESTING for Additive Manufacturing CHEMICAL AND PHISICAL TESTS Specifical chemical analysis (ICP+Combustion+NOH+CS) | X-Ray Fluorescent (XRF) | Granulometric distributions (laser+sieves) ASTM B822 | Flow rate ASTM B213 | [...]

The tomographic center, Computerized industrial tomography

OUR SOLUTION Since 1990, we provide all the support you need in a single Lab: metallurgy and failure analysis, mechanical testing and reliability, chemical analysis, non-destructive testing, metrology, inspection, training and certification ; always with top expertise and cuttingedge technology. 90 people fully committed to [...]

New tomography system, Computerized industrial tomography

Services > Non-destructive testing > Computerized industrial tomography > New tomography system New tomography system LINAC 6 MEV The newly available DIONDO D7 6 MEV LINAC Computed Tomography system has been developed for the reliable analysis of objects that are difficult to penetrate due to their high density or thickness. ... Reserve your [...]

TEC-Eurolab & Kaizen Institute, About us, laboratory analysis for materials, analysis and laboratory tests, solutions quality materials control, troubleshooting

TEC Eurolab TEC Eurolab's non-destructive testing department aims to serve local customers as well as national and international ones. ... Stefano Benuzzi - Head of TEC-Eurolab non-destructive testing department One of the most concrete actions we have taken has been to implement a [...]

Lightness with zero defects, 2019 September 01, Press

Media > Press > Lightness with zero defects Lightness with zero defects 01/09/2019 Innovative and consolidated non-destructive tests on components in composite materials at the service of a quality weight-reduction for the car.

NADCAP - National Aerospace and Defence Contractors Accreditation Program - Non Destructive Testing, Accreditation and approvals

Accreditation and approvals > NADCAP - National Aerospace and Defence Contractors Accreditation Program - Non Destructive Testing NADCAP - National Aerospace and Defence Contractors Accreditation Program - Non Destructive Testing The authority of the Nadcap Management Council certificates [...]

UNI EN ISO 9001:2015 - SAI GLOBAL, Accreditation and approvals

QMS 68 Valid until 2019-11-14 In accordance with SAI GLOBAL procedures, it is hereby certified that TEC Eurolab Srl Viale Europa, 40 41011, Campogalliano (MO) - Italy with the location TEC Eurolab Srl Via Grieco, 91 41011, Campogalliano (MO) - Italy applies a management system in line with the above standard for the following scope Provision of services of: material [...]

Non-destructive testing military sector, Tag directory

Tag directory > Non-destructive testing military sector Non-destructive testing military sector

Non-destructive testing hydraulic sector, Tag directory

Tag directory > Non-destructive testing hydraulic sector Non-destructive testing hydraulic sector

Non-destructive testing, Tag directory

Tag directory > Non-destructive testing Non-destructive testing

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