RM FORUM - Integration of additive technologies in the manufacturing process

14/09/2017 - 15/09/2017

Now at its fifth edition, RM Forum is the event / seminar addressed to technical directors (of companies in the automotive, aeronautics, technical components, transport, medical, racing, electrical and electronics, appliances, furniture), designers, studios design and engineering, service executives, mold makers, entrepreneurs and managers of companies interested in the introduction of Additive Technologies in their production organization. TEC Eurolab is the event's gold sponsor.
RM Forum is the event / seminar organized by Eris Eventi / Publitarget that deals with issues related to the increasing use of Additive Technologies for Manufacturing, in numerous sectors productive, especially in the Aeronautic, Oil & Gas, Racing, Medical and Technical Components.

The event is aimed at:
- technical directors (of set companies automotive, aeronautical, technical components, transport, medical, racing, electrical and electronics, appliances, furniture)
- designer
- design and engineering firms
- service provider executives
- printers
- entrepreneurs and managers of companies interested in the introduction of these technologies in their production organization

The themes will deal with the different aspects of this sector. We will talk about:

• State of the art of Additive Manufacturing (AM)
• The project for the AM
• The materials for the AM
• Software for production management
• Certificates to guarantee production
• Analysis of costs in the use of AM technologies
• Experiences of Service Providers providing a service of AM
• The evidence of important companies that have introduced the

AM technologies in their production lines.


• a Seminar , which will give voice to the reports presented by supply chain technicians, services, contacts and opinion leaders of large companies.

• a Exhibition Area , where companies from the following sectors will be exhibiting:
- Design tools (software, scanners, ..)
- Additive technologies (sintering, stereolithography, PolyJet, FDM, EBM, ..)
- Materials for AT (plastic resins, metal powders, ..)
- Finishing
- Service

Fabrizio Rosi - TEC Eurolab Reliability Test Center, will address the topic of new diagnostic methodologies for the analysis of defects in additive manufacturing products serving the industry 4.0.
It will illustrate how TEC Eurolab has developed new procedures for the diagnosis and analysis of components made in additive manufacturing by combining the prototype test with the virtualization of the test using analysis software.
In the proposed case, we trace the investigation path of a component made in AM that, starting from the investigation by industrial tomography, has the objective of allowing the determination of the critical defect, going to investigate its possible propagation and recursively carrying out a series of simulations that allow the validation of the experimental results.

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