The need to structure a dedicated test path arises from the need to verify whether the component is able to perform the operational function for which it was designed, without encountering malfunctions or damage, which could alter the correct mode of operation. The intent is to identify possible critical points in the project that can be related to the material-geometry-function interaction and, if necessary, to investigate the root cause that led the component to operate in a manner different from what was expected in the project. The departments of engineering, research and development and technical offices of production and / or design companies also have the objective of both verifying the effect of a possible design change of the component, and obtaining experimental evidence of the correct functioning of the component, before starting a production or proceeding with delivery to the final customer.


To start correctly a Test Engineering activity, it is necessary to start from a detailed analysis phase of the request, punctually defining the constraints and objectives of the test path. In this phase, TEC Eurolab can assist the customer in the co-design of the test path, analyzing the existing regulations and drawing up test procedures dedicated to the specific need.

What does the custom test plan consist of?

If the customer needs cannot be met by the tests in accordance with recognized international standards, but there is the necessity to propose tests in accordance with its own test protocols, TEC Eurolab is able to provide a test customization service. This service includes the design and analysis phases, to guarantee the customer the possibility of analyzing their components by simulating the real conditions of use, at room temperature or in extreme conditions.

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