Research and Development

Planning and designing quality

With regulations ever more demanding, especially in the automotive and aeronautic areas, quality is no longer just a series of tests following the manufacturing process, but is a philosophy to be applied in all business areas in pursuit of preventive quality.It is therefore necessary to design not only products and manufacturing processes with previous analysis of all possible problems, but to also design trial runs and validation in order to foresee product performance and guarantee the expected integrity.

One solution for your most complex problems

The main challenge in the automotive sector is to guarantee quality while reducing time-to-market.TEC Eurolab is an ideal partner to support you along the product life cycle, from designing to manufacturing. More specifically, we can accompany our clients in developing reliable and quality components and systems, in accordance with the automotive standard IATF 16949. Furthermore, the integration of mechanics and electronics, which is ever more present in the sector, brings life to complex products that must meet certain performance and safety requirements. TEC Eurolab, which is abreast with new technologies and in line with its clients’ manufacturing demands, offers a series of tests, among which are environmental tests, in accordance with the EN 60068 regulation. Thesecover thermal shock, vibration, as well as pressure and blast testing; they allow components to be tested according to the main stress conditions they will be subject to in theirlifetime of use, while maintaining, when requested, the component in operation, as in the case of circuit boards and electronic electromechanical components. 

 Research and Development

Technical support in designing and research and development

Co-designing with 3D and FEM software, material selection, FMEA design and support in the APQP process (Advanced product quality planning) can be carried out in collaboration with our experts in order to make higher performing components and go above and beyond the final clients’ expectations. Proper planning, in terms of research and development, designing and pre-series work, reduce delayed modification costs and ensures client satisfaction.
 Research and Development

Technical support in validating a product and production processes

Starting from analysis of damage can occur and its effects on a product and its relative productive processes (ex. with FMEA ), we can recommend the most suitable tests to verify your virtual simulations, identify design defects before starting production and answer questions on reliability and service life of product. Expertise in product testing with vibration tests that can be combined with thermal cycles, shock, pressure and dynamic testing. In addition, we also offer in-field or during testing applications, of strain gauge in order to monitor the development of deformations under certain stress conditions and verify any residual tension after the mechanical work.
 Research and Development

Technical support for quality control and production approval

Responding to contract or required requests in supply documentation, in terms of performance, not only of the materials, but also the finished product, is key to being successful in various sectors, such as the automotive one. The TEC Eurolab team knows how to provide the support you need in the PPAP process, to help you develop an efficient testing plan, determine the real capabilities of your processes and aid you in measurement system analysis (MSA), all the way to the implementation of an efficient statistical process control (SPC).

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