Certification of welding personnel and processes

Certification is a recognition of the professionalism of your welders and workers; through the course leading to certification, they acquire greater theoretical knowledge and practical abilities, attaining a feeling of responsibility and motivation in executing a special process that has a strong influence on the quality and safety of the final product.
What’s more, getting these qualifications highlights the workers’ competence and skills in executing permanent joints, which also results into greater trustworthiness of their work.  Welder certification, along with qualification of the welding procedures, will show the company’s orientation to quality, and clients will have documented evidence of this.
TEC Eurolab, as an ACCREDIA certified body, offers its services to help in the qualification of welders, brazers and welding workers (metallic and polyethylene materials).
As a certification body, TEC Eurolab offers its assistance in qualification of WPS (Welding Procedure Specification) and WPQR (Welding Procedure Qualification Record) welding procedures for your company.
The certification of a welding process provides the garantee of entering the  market with an efficient, higher quality product that meets safety requirements. Furthermore, by certifying processes the client's company avoids: 
  • Production stoppages or delays due to a need to re-weld any joints that prove to be non-compliant;
  • Disputes with clients;
  • Damage to the company’s image and possible unforeseen defects that could be revealed during use.

As a certification body, TEC Eurolab, can grant a company qualification that remains bound to the business and not to the welder or worker who performs the welding, furthermore it guarantees WPS and WPQR certifications within two weeks’ work.

Certification in compliance with the UNI EN ISO 15614 / UNI EN ISO 15613 regulations and with ASME and AWS codes, will carry over the scope of the process, expressed in terms of thicknesses, welding methods, types of joints and more. In order to verify the trustworthiness of the welded joint, the weld beads, done in compliance with the above-mentioned regulations, will undergo laboratory testing as specified by the reference regulations. Once the welding process has been certified, if changes are not made to the process, the certification will not expire.
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