Purchasing guide

It is possible to consult the catalogue of Tec-eurolab.com (Articoles and tools, Courses and Webinar) at any time within the product details, enter in the "cart" the article stating the quantity desired (the default is 1) and clicking on the icon of the carriage.
To order another article simply to repeat the same operation.
The selected product is added to the cart and the quantity of products in your cart and the total price will be updated: this data is visible on every page of the site in the area reserved to the cart under the image header ( "Items" and "Total amount").

Click on "Checkout" you can view the summary of the trolley, and access to the payment of the products, this procedure may be cancelled at any time up to point 4) below.

The steps to complete your order are as follows:

1) Order Summary: in this window you can delete items in your cart or change the quantity: the "Continue order" leads to the next step.

2) Personal data: the data is requested to obtain the order, issue the document on tax and make the shipment of the items in your cart, the mandatory fields are indicated by an asterisk.

3) Confirm order: all data is summarized in a single table, the table is also calculated and displayed shipping cost depending on the total amount of order and destination, if the information displayed is correct, click the button "Confirm Order" to access the payment by credit card.

4) Payment by credit card: This page is provided directly by the bank that deals with receiving payments for the site Tec-eurolab.com; the connection is encrypted with technology TLS (Transport Layer Security) and is therefore totally safe, no data on the credit card used for payment is sent to the site Tec-eurolab.com after you enter your credit card by clicking on
"Paying" the order is executed, and sent two mail to the address you indicated in section 2:
- the confirmation of the bank transaction;
- the receipt of the order by mail.
Note: the charge on your credit card is not immediate but takes place when Tec-eurolab.com accepts your order.

5) Payment by bank transfer: to make a bank transfer to:

TEC Eurolab Srl
IBAN = IT45 S 05387 66670 000000825767
Causal: Order / date

The process can be interrupted at any time without consequences.
The order number in the email of receipt is to be used as a reference for any support request to our Customer Service.
1) Buying on line

Purchases made on Tec-eurolab.com are regulated, although not expressly provided for by the following terms of purchase, by D.lgs. no. 185, 22 May 1999 on the protection of consumers in respect of distance contracts and the D.lgs. 9 April 2003 no. 70 relating to electronic commerce.
The articles on our site can be purchased, as long as products are on stock, to whom turned 18. For delivery of your purchases you can choose the place of your most comfort: at home, at work or at another person.

2) Prices

The prices that are displayed on Tec-eurolab.com are VAT non included.
The prices agreed upon are related to these general conditions of sale. Tec-eurolab.com reserves the right to change the list of sale without notice.
To the amount we will add the shipping cost.

3) Technical data of the products

The characteristics of the products are listed in the online-catalogue and are visible at the time of order. Tec-eurolab.com shows the products in the most truthful and as accurate as possible. The display colours may vary due to monitor of the user, therefore the seller cannot guarantee that the colours of the products that are represented on the screen are true.

4) Shipping

The total amount of the order will be visible before proceeding with the confirmation of purchase.

Shipping fees to:
Italy: shipping costs € 15.00 (shipping within 48 hours)
Foreign shipment costs € 25.00 (Shipping within 3/5 days).

NB: For Courses and Webinar shipping costs are free.

Orders are processed upon receipt of payment in advance (except for different conditions prior to using).
For shipments TEC Eurolab Srl employs couriers in agreement.
The costs of transportation (pickup / delivery, or both) will be counted in relation to the weight range specified in the order from the customer.
The courier will deliver the goods directly to the address indicated at the time of purchase.
If the delivery does not happen successfully (in case the recipient is absent at the time of delivery), the customer will be contacted by our customer service as soon as possible, to agree on the time and manner of delivery of the products ordered.

TEC Eurolab Srl is not responsible for any delays due to the fault of the shipper.

Upon receipt of the parcel, please check:
- That the number of packages indicated on the consignment note is actually delivered;
- The package is intact and not damaged, and any disputes must be reported to the carrier indicating the consignment note that is signed for the recall, the word "Withdrawn subject to control", otherwise the packet is considered successfully delivered.

5) Disclaimer of Liability

The commitment that Tec-eurolab.com aims to operate as precisely as possible, however, could inadvertently run into inaccuracies or technical inaccuracies or fact and / or errors typeface.
Tec-eurolab.com reserves the right to make changes and modifications to the site whenever this is necessary without any notice.
Tec-eurolab.com do not guarantee that the information contained within its site comply with the jurisdiction of any country or that the products displayed on the site are permitted for sale in all jurisdictions.

6) Returns and refunds

The buyer of the products Tec-eurolab.com may unconditionally withdraw from the contract of purchase to the following conditions:
- The right of withdrawal must be exercised within fourteen (14) solar days from receipt of goods by means of registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt to the following address:
TEC Eurolab Srl,
Via Europa 40, 41011 Campogalliano (Modena), Italia

Tec-eurolab.com will reimburse the purchaser the sum paid for the purchase of products and for shipping costs (excluding costs incurred for the return of the object) with the notification of withdrawal should be provided the following data:
number and date of the invoice;
in case of a partial description and quantity of the goods to be refunded;
Exact bank details on which to obtain the transfer of the refund.
The buyer who has exercised his right of withdrawal must within 14 days of receipt of merchandise to ensure its return (total or partial) by ordinary parcel post.
The repayment of the sum will be done with the form chosen and free of charge within 14 days from the return of goods, after verification of the status thereof. In particular, it requires that the product returned:
  • is intact;
  • has not undergone any type of damage;
  • is still equipped with its original packaging.

7) Complaints

Complaints about defective products or failure of service delivery will be sent via e-mail at info@tec-eurolab.com.

8) Competent Court

For disputes concerning the interpretation and execution of the contract of sale is agreed by the court of Modena; disputes related to the application of D.Lgs.50 / 1992 will be mandatorily competent judicial authority of the place of domicile of the customer.
Pursuant to art. 1341 of the Civil Code, are approved, specifically and without reservation, the following clauses: Information about products, orders, deliveries, shipments, changes in the construction, warranty, retention of title, the termination clause is exclusively competent court of Milan.
Art.1 Subject
These general conditions apply to the interventions and services performed by TEC Eurolab S.r.l. as part of its activities. It is therefore agreed that they are valid for the supply of goods and services made for specific purchase orders/agreements that will be issued from time to time. In any case, any changes to these general conditions contained in any customer documentation will not be considered valid if not expressly accepted in writing by TEC Eurolab.
The list of services and provisions are shown in detail, together with the relative price list in the quotation.

Art.2 Definitions and final deadlines of the contract
The terms included in these general conditions (hereafter the conditions) will have the meanings described below:

a) "TEC Eurolab S.r.l.", hereinafter abbreviated "TEC": subject which issues the quotation/sales contract. TEC performs laboratory tests at its offices, non-destructive tests, dimensional tests, and it is a certification body for activities subject to accreditation. It provides training activities in the catalogue. It provides the above services to the customer if requested.
The quotation can include several services: the list of activities subject to accreditation can be found on the company website www.tec-eurolab.com under the section “accreditations" .
b) “customer" will be understood as the holder of the quotation/contract or end user if the latter is a different subject.
c) “quotation", hereinafter “quotation", the document summarising the services proposed by TEC to the client will be understood, including the quantities and prices for each individual item.
d) “sample" will be understood as any good object of an offer/contract, be it a material to be tested, a detail on which to perform dimensional tests, non-destructive tests, etc.
e) “service" will be understood as any service, provision, supply or work subject to quotation.

Art.3 Customer obligations
The conclusion of the contract will be with a communication to TEC of acceptance by the customer of the offer and by signing for acceptance on each page of the offer and the general conditions. Communication of the acceptance can be done by email to the address commerciale@tec-eurolab.com or by FAX to No. 059 577 773. The conditions remain valid until a new revision by TEC who will inform the customer in writing.

3.1 - Risks deriving from the sample
The customer is obliged to inform TEC in writing of the risks inherent in the sample to be submitted for testing, identifying the relative hazards deriving from the nature of the sample if the requirement is applicable.

3.2 - Management of processed sample and waste from the sample
In the event that the processing request involves samples and/or waste from the samples that can not be disposed of, these will be kept free at our premises for 30 days after the end of processing. After this deadline, if these have not yet been withdrawn from and/or disposal has not been authorised, TEC Eurolab will be forced to charge the customer with a storage cost of € 100/month for the following 3 months. Following 3 months, uncollected samples will be disposed of without any further notice to the customer. Not knowing the importance that the samples and/or waste from the samples have for customers, we strongly urge them to take charge of the collection at their own expense. For information and agreements  accettazione@tec-eurolab.com

3.3 - Language reports
The customer also has the obligation to inform TEC regarding the need to have test reports, reports or any other document issued by TEC following an activity translated into English. In this case, the translation may have an additional cost based on the content of the aforementioned documents.

3.4 - Variations on the number and nature of the sample
The customer has the obligation to contact the TEC Customer Service department on the email address commerciale@tec-eurolab.com if the number of samples (or their nature) that they intend to send is different from that indicated in the offer.

3.5 - Security obligations
In the case of activities on the move with the customer, the latter undertakes to request all the documentation necessary for carrying out the activity in accordance with the current legislation on safety in the workplace within and no later than five working days before the start of the activities from TEC
It is also the customer’s obligation to report any risks present in the workplace, any contingency plans, the name of the personnel present at the intervention site assigned to first aid and emergency management in case of fire to TEC through the appropriate document DUVRI (Single Evaluation Document of Interference Risks).  Any risks deriving from activities to be carried out at a height and/or in confined or suspected areas of pollution must be notified in writing to TEC in the signing of the general conditions and following any accepted quotation between the parties. TEC reserves the right to carry out an inspection at the work site indicated by the customer; the charges for this inspection are the responsibility of the customer. 

3.6 - Use of the trademark and logos
The customer agrees not to use the logos and trademarks present in the documentation received from TEC. It is forbidden to use or even partially reproduce the logos of the accreditation bodies, certification, the TEC Eurolab logo present on the documentation issued by TEC to the customer.

Art. 4 Obligations of TEC Eurolab
TEC undertakes to inform the customer about any changes to the following conditions, sending the new revision for inspection and subsequent acceptance.
The activities listed in the offer are characteristic of the article codes ending in "99" (e.g. XCHI99, XMET99, etc.) are subcontracted to qualified external suppliers and monitored according to the requirements of the applicable management procedures of the Laboratory Quality Management System.TEC Eurolab remains responsible for the results provided to the customer regarding tests or subcontracted test phases.

4.1 - General information - sample storage and document archiving
TEC is obliged to ensure the correct preservation of the sample according to its internal procedures, in addition to any information and indications received from the customer. If the number or nature of samples sent should be different than indicated in the offer, TEC Customer Services will contact the customer before starting the activities being offered.
If not expressly reported in the transposing documents, the sample tested will not be returned to the customer. Otherwise, if the customer wishes to have the sample and the material delivered to TEC returned to them, this must be mentioned in the transport document.
The test specimen submitted to the laboratory for which no restitution is requested, will be kept for twelve (12) months in the TEC archives starting from the date of issue of the test report. After twelve (12) months TEC may consider the samples as waste and arrange for their disposal without any obligation to notify the customer. Waste from samples is kept for four (4) weeks from the date of execution of the test, then disposed of unless otherwise requested by the customer.
The records relating to the tests, tests, non-destructive testing, qualifications of welders and personnel working in the field of non-destructive tests, will be kept for a period of ten (10) years from the time of their approval and release to the customer.

4.2 - Applicable standards
Unless otherwise indicated by the customer, TEC performs the tests according to the standards shown in the accreditation tables in the latest available revision updated on their website www.tec-eurolab.com under the “accreditations" section with the diligence required by the nature of the professional activity exercised. In the case of multiple accredited regulations for the same test, priority will be given to the national standard.

4.3 - Declaration of conformity
If requested by the customer, the laboratory can provide a declaration of conformity. The standard criterion used for this declaration is shared risk according to ILAC-G8 

4.4 - Execution times
Laboratory and non-destructive tests: TEC makes the results of the tests available to the customer in accordance with the terms agreed with the customer service. In the case TEC is forced to derogate from these terms, it will notify the customer. Any urgencies - results within 5 working days - must be previously agreed with the customer service department and may result in a surcharge that will be communicated after verifying the actual possibility of fulfilling the request.
Dimensional testing: upon agreement on the date of submission, TEC guarantees the dispatch of the tested samples within five working days from the date of receipt and order of the customer or of the stamped and accepted offer. Specific urgencies may be requested by the customer to TEC.

4.5 - Measurement uncertainty
In case of Accredited Laboratory tests, the measurement uncertainty values will be reported on the test report when relevant for the validity or use of the test results, when expressly requested by the Customer upon acceptance of the economic offer, or if they affect compliance with specification limits.

4.6 Security obligations
TEC undertakes to comply with the obligations imposed on safety in the workplace. Employees are informed, trained and prepared for the activities being offered, subjected to health surveillance as per the health protocols dictated by the company doctor, in compliance with the provisions in force concerning workplace safety, contributing regularity, etc.
TEC commits itself to provide the documentation required for the subsequent preparation of the DUVRI by the customer itself within the established time before access to the workplace in the case of activities carried out by the customer or in locations indicated by them (the following is valid in paragraph 3.6 of this document). The charges due for the preparation of the documentation necessary to access the work site (to be requested no later than 5 working days before the start of the activity) are valued on a lump sum basis for an amount equal to €90.00 to be communicated promptly.

Art. 5 Validity, terms and payment methods
The terms and payment methods are indicated in the quotation. The minimum amount for each individual invoice is €150.00.
Offer validity: 30 days

Art. 6 Charges for itinerant activities
The applicable general conditions for activities carried out at non TEC workplaces will follow the following schedule in addition to the above.

6.1 Charges to the customer
Safety of the workplace and preventive sharing of information regarding the security itself;
  • assistance and management of any lifting equipment (scaffolding, baskets, cranes, hoists, etc.);
  • lighting and electricity.
The following are also the responsibility of the customer:
  • charges due to any forced stops due to causes not attributable to us that can be quantified by a single technician at a cost of €/h 52.00; 
  • travel expenses for activities not carried out due to events not attributable to us (e.g. weather conditions).
6.2 Charges to our company
Expected security charges, PPE individual protection devices, training, etc.
  • Properly trained and qualified personnel;
  • equipment and means necessary for carrying out the activity.
6.3 Online Store - www.tec-eurolab.com
Product Information
 The information provided in brochures and other material must be considered as guidelines for the customer and not binding for the seller. TEC Eurolab Srl. assumes no responsibility for the suitability of certain products for specific applications, excluding those that have not been expressly agreed in writing in individual cases.

The buyer will lose the right to warranty for any defects eight days after delivery of the goods.  No return of goods may be made by the purchaser without specific prior written consent of the seller, who reserves any right to decide on the merits of the request by the purchaser

Art. 7 Final rules
Any modification to this contract can only take place in written form. Therefore, behaviours of the parties different from the provisions of this contract will not create the emergence of any right whatsoever and each of the parties may at any time request the application of the provisions herein. For any dispute concerning the interpretation, execution and termination of this contract the Court of Modena will be exclusively competent. The interpretation and execution of the contract will be governed by Italian law.

Art. 8 Protection of privacy
With reference to the provisions of Legislative Decree 196/2003 regarding the protection of personal data, the customer and Tec Eurolab mutually agree to be aware of the fact that the data relating to their company, useful for the purposes of the law and in order to comply the obligations contained in the orders/contracts issued will be retained and used on the other side. Therefore with the signing of these general conditions of purchase, the parties also intend to express their consent explicitly to the aforementioned treatments and within the limits of the aforementioned purposes. The extended information is available on our website www.tec-eurolab.com
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