Process control (msa, spc, cp, cpk)

Process control (msa, spc, cp, cpk)
Statistical process control
We provide support to the client with speedy interception to any process errors. We monitor and control the production process by defining an appropriate measurement plan and creating control charts that allow one to pinpoint potential dangers in the control limits and identify the so-called “special causes” that can make the process get out of control.

Index estimates of short term capability, Cp, Cpk
We calculate the Capability process index, which evaluates the real production process capabilities to satisfy the requests of the client. From the definition of the sample number, we define control plans and strategies and take measurements in the lab. Finally, we calculate the Capability index Cp and Cpk and share this with the client through an analysis of results; we provide support in the evaluation of any needed corrections. In order to evaluate the capacity and potential of the production process we make use of studies and statistical instruments (SPC, CONTROL CHARTS), which are based on size measurements; evaluations and predictions are made in relation to the production capacity needed to satisfy the client’s requests.

Measurement system analysis
We perform measurement systems analysis in order to evaluate the testing method, measurement tools, as well as the entire measuring process, in order to guarantee the integrity of the data used in analysis and understand the implications of measurement errors in regards to decisions made on a single product or process.
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